When the university and college of engineering redesigned web pages, the ability to quickly search for my old blog posts was lost. There is a search function on my home page, but it does not work very well. I created this page so you could easily access old posts. 

Title Link Published Summary
Pass the Gravy https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2022/12/pass-gravy 12/15/22 Conservation compliance and crop insurance.
Wishin' Accomplished in NDM https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2022/11/wishin-accomplished-ndm 11/17/22 Iowa DNR cancelling Cedar River TMDL.
Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Farmers https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2022/10/mamas-dont-let-your-babies-grow-be-farmers 10/9/22 Cowboys, farmers, and their myths and their myth makers
Envronmentaling https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2022/09/environmentaling 9/6/22 Corn ethanol and the depletion of the Ogallala aquifer.
The Right to Bear Farms https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2022/08/right-bear-farms 8/2/22 Great Lakes Region Initiative, Mississippi River, Iowa corn farming and science.
Odor in the Court https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2022/07/odor-court 7/19/22 Iowa Supreme Court decision on pollution from hog confinement
No Bushel Left Behind https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2022/06/no-bushel-left-behind 6/17/22 Claims about Iowa stream phosphorus and new paper in Journal of Am. Water Resources Assoc.
Jumping the Shark https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2022/06/jumping-shark 6/1/22 Demonstration corn and soybean plots in Des Moines Water Works Park.
Look at the Price They Make You Pay https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2022/05/look-price-they-make-you-pay 5/26/22 Lake restoration and the renewable fuel standard.
Magic Carpet Ride https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2022/05/magic-carpet-ride 5/9/22 Co-written by Matt Liebman, Carbon pipeline and carbon capture from corn ethanol production relative to US greenhouse gas emissions.
The Iowa Singularity https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2022/04/iowa-singularity 4/18/22 Myth stories and ethanol
Agribusiness Hates CRP https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2022/04/agribusiness-hates-crp 4/2/22 CRP, Ukraine, ethanol, water quality, and ag dishonesty
Brave New Iowa https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2022/03/brave-new-iowa 3/17/22 Propaganda, ethanol, and climate change.
Unrest in Ethanolia https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2022/02/unrest-ethanolia 2/24/22 Written by Silvia Secchi, Recent published paper on the fuel ethanol casts doubt on its benefits for the environment.
Climate Change Mitigation, Iowa Version https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2022/02/climate-change-mitigation-iowa-version 2/17/22 Tongue in cheek conceptual model of carbon capture, ethanol production, and corn production

Iowa is Addicted to Cornography

https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2022/02/iowa-addicted-cornography 2/11/2022 Solar vs Ethanol and the E15 law
Malice in Wonderland https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2022/01/malice-wonderland 1/30/2022 Polk County cover crop seed planter, water at Field of Dreams site, Iowa Homebuilders unite
Catch-2022 https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2022/01/catch-2022 1/10/2022 Comment on Des Moines Register editorial and Iowa budget surplus
Iowa 2021: Year in Review https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2022/01/iowa-2021-year-review 1/1/2022 2021 highlights for Iowa Agriculture and Environment
The Maginot Line https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/12/maginot-line 12/26/2021 Should the public fund soil health
C is for Carbonalism https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/12/c-carbonalism 12/14/2021 Carbon capture and pipeline schemes
The Three Drakes https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/12/three-drakes 12/6/2021 Meme of the entertainer Drake, and speech at Drake University, are discussed to illustrate the sensitivities of Iowa agriculture
Remarks to SOILs meeting https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/11/remarks-soils-meeting-drake-law-school 11/18/2021 Remarks to the Drake University Law School SOILs conference, November 17, 2021.
Call me Crazy https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/11/call-me-crazy 11/11/2021 lowa farmland prices and rentend land in the context of degraded water quality
On Popcorn Farts and Porcupine Pee https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/10/popcorn-farts-and-porcupine-pee 10/26/2021 Post drought nitrogen application and stream nitrate
Rancid Turkey https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/10/rancid-turkey 10/21/2021 Fertilizer spill causing fish kill on Roberts Creek and Turkey River
God Made Me Do It https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/09/god-made-me-do-it 9/16/2021 Justice issues related to water quality
Mea Culpa--the Nitrate Event that Wasn't https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/09/mea-culpa-nitrate-event-wasn’t 9/7/2021 Upper Iowa River nitrate event
Cropaganda https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/08/cropaganda 8/20/2021 Propoganda from Ag advocacy organizations
Truth or Consequences https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/08/truth-or-consequences 8/3/2021 Proposed Water Quality Index for Iowa Streams
Means, Ends, and Granfalloons https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/07/means-ends-and-granfalloons 7/21/2021 Water Quality policy
Crap and Trade https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/07/crap-and-trade 7/16/2021 Guest post from Silvia Secchi on carbon cap and trade
The Swine and the Swill https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/07/swine-and-swill 7/2/2021 Soil health, cover crops, Lake Darling
Des Moines River Discharge Anomaly https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/06/des-moines-river-discharge-anomaly 6/25/2021 Des Moines River storm event flow
Take this Stream and Shove It https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/06/take-stream-and-shove-it 6/22/2021 Raccoon River court case dismissed by Iowa Supreme Court
Raccoon River Discharge: 2021 vs. Other Drought Years https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/06/raccoon-river-discharge-2021-vs-other-drought-years 6/17/2021 Raccoon River discharge during drought
Ifyoucantbeatemjoinemitis https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/06/ifyoucantbeatemjoinemitis 6/9/2021 Cottage industry dependent upon polluted water in Iowa
Iowa Rivers 1 to 45: The Fair, the Marginal, & the Ugly https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/05/iowa-rivers-1-45-fair-marginal-ugly 5/27/2021 Water Quality Index
Grading on a Curve https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/05/grading-curve 5/6/2021 Updated Iowa nitrate load, also Mississippi and Missouri Basin loads updated
Wake Up and Smell the Manure https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/05/wake-and-smell-manure 5/5/2021 Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule, co-written with Silvia Secchi and Ben Maas
Helicoptering https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/03/helicoptering 3/28/2021 Guest post from Silvia Secchi on farm subsidy payments
Environmental Injustice https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/03/environmental-injustice 3/22/2021 Environmental justice, Iowa water quality, and the city of Ottumwa
Big Pollution https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/03/big-pollution 3/7/2021 How water pollution in Iowa has created a cottage industry of professionals dependent upon the maintenance of the problem.
Manure Matters: Iowa 2020 Nitrate Summary https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2021/03/manure-matters-iowa-2020-nitrate-summary 3/1/2021 Summary of 2020 Iowa nitrate data
This Might Hurt Some Feelings https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2020/12/might-hurt-some-feelings 12/23/2020 Regenerative agriculture and how to regulate agriculture for water quality
Defending Paris https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2020/12/defending-paris 12/16/2020 Regulation of urban stormwater runoff
No Country for Old Men https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2020/12/no-country-old-men 12/4/2020 Lack of public land in Iowa
"Conservationist" https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2020/10/conservationist 10/22/2020 Moral obligations of scientists vis a vis Iowa water quality
Dream On https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2020/10/dream 10/20/2020 E coil of Iowa rivers compared to Minnesota
On Brothels and Cathedrals https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2020/09/brothels-and-cathedrals 9/12/2020 11,000 head cattle confinement in Bloody Run Creek watershed
Land of Milk and Money https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2020/09/land-milk-and-money 9/3/2020 Fish kill from disposed milk, theories of economist Eleanor Ostrim on wate quality
Everyone is Responsible so No One is Responsible https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2020/07/everyone-responsible-so-no-one-responsible 7/27/2020 Roundup resistance, irresponsible use of dicamba
When the Ship Comes In https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2020/07/when-ship-comes 7/14/2020 Discussion of water quality on Iowa Great Lakes and the dichotomy between water quality experienced by wealthy and not-so-wealthy people.
Ripe as a Roadkill Raccoon https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2020/06/ripe-roadkill-raccoon 6/3/2020 Discussion of lack of progress on water quality improvement in the Raccoon River Watershed
China Journal https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2020/04/china-journal 4/15/2020 Journal of 2016 trip to China with Keith Schilling.
I'm Not a Scientist https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2020/03/im-not-scientist 3/31/2020 Discussion of science and it's role in today's politics.
Hair of the Dog https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2020/03/hair-dog 3/16/2020 Future of corn ethanol as a fuel with the emergence of electrical vehicles, and duplicity of agriculture when discussing ethanol and climate change.
The Ethics of a Pig https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2020/03/ethics-pig 3/4/2020 Hog production and the environmental effects of globalization.
They Break It, You Buy It https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2020/02/they-break-it-you-buy-it 2/25/2020 Over fertilization of corn and it's role in degraded water quality.
Fool Me Once….. https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2020/02/fool-me-once 2/12/2020 Foot dragging by agriculture on water quality, and failure of voluntary adoption of conservation practices.
ZEAlots https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2020/02/zealots 2/5/2020 Religion-like convictions when it comes to corn production. 
Free Iowa Now https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2020/01/free-iowa-now 1/23/2020 Confined animal agriculture, dead zones, and ag industry rhetoric.
Woke Aldo https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2020/01/woke-aldo 1/9/2020 How Aldo Leopold's vision is been unfulfilled by the Iowa farmer.
Eau de BS https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/12/eau-de-bs 12/19/2019 Review of the book "On Bullshit" by Harry Frankfurt and how it relates to Iowa agriculture and water quality.
Don't P Down My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/12/dont-p-down-my-leg-and-tell-me-its-raining 12/5/2019 Claims about improvement in Iowa stream phosphorus are exaggerated.
Cry Me a Raccoon River https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/12/cry-me-raccoon-river 12/2/2019 Iowa farmer response to climate change
Iowa is Hemorrhaging Nitrogen https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/11/iowa-hemorrhaging-nitrogen 11/7/2019 Summary of 2019 Nitrate data
Drain Brain https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/10/drain-brain 10/14/2019 Discussion of "Nature Sustainability" journal article on expansion of farmed drainage in Iowa
MMPs are CRAP https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/10/mmps-are-crap 10/3/2019 Discussion of how manure management plans (MMPs) are not protective of water quality.
Fishing in the Rain https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/09/fishing-rain 9/25/2019 Nitrogen budgets for Iowa watersheds and how they relate to legacy nitrate studied by Dr. Kim Van Meter of University of Illinois Chicago.
It's Their Way or the Highway https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/09/its-their-way-or-highway 9/16/2019 Agriculture's resistance to a stream buffer law.
Middle of Nowhere is Downstream from Somewhere https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/09/middle-nowhere-downstream-somewhere 9/4/2019 Condition of the Lower Iowa River
Demand Clean Water Now https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/08/demand-clean-water-now 8/26/2019 Guest editorial that first appeared in Iowa Ideas Magazine is reposted here. Essay discusses nitrate pollution, altered hydrology, and farm conservation in Iowa.
Quasky https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/08/quasky 8/14/2019 Essay about fishing with newspaper columnist Orlan Love and the Wapsipinicon and Maquoketa Rivers of eastern Iowa.
Market (Dis)Equilibirum https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/08/market-disequilibrium 8/5/2019 Guest post authored by Dr. Silvia Secchi about USDA conservation programs and how they could be improved to deliver outcomes beneficial to the public.
10,000 Pounds of BS https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/08/10000-pounds-bs 8/1/2019 Nitrate contamination of drinking water and whether stream nitrate pollution links to soil organic matter.
Accommodate My Pile https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/07/accommodate-my-pile 7/19/2019 How the ethanol industry is but one more attempt to use Iowa's excess corn production.
Tragedy in Three Acts https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/07/tragedy-three-acts 7/10/2019 History of Raccoon River nitrate pollution
The Swine Republic https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/06/swine-republic 6/28/2019 Response to IFBF editorial in DM Register
Who We Are https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/06/who-we-are 6/26/2019 Thoughts on Lake MacBride algae bloom.
Crunching Numbers: Iowa Nutrient Strategy Progress https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/06/crunching-numbers-iowa-nutrient-strategy-progress 6/24/2019 Prof. Silvia Secchi's thoughts on Iowa Nutrient Strategy Progress
Make America MRTN Again https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/06/make-america-mrtn-again 6/21/2019 Recommended nitrogen application rates and what farmers actually apply. 
Pipe Dreams https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/06/pipe-dreams 6/14/2019 Summary of new tile mapping project
Fifty Shades of Brown https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/06/fifty-shades-brown 6/6/2019 What does Iowa's livestock population look like relative to other states?
This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/05/why-we-cant-have-nice-things 5/30/2019 Federal farm programs and how they relate to Iowa water quallity
Where Have You Gone, Dale Maffitt? https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/05/where-have-you-gone-dale-maffitt 5/23/2019 Erosion and Raccoon River sediment and turbidity
déjà vu All Over Again https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/05/deja-vu-all-over-again 5/15/2019 Repetitive nature of nitrogen pollution research
Drain Baby Drain https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/05/drain-baby-drain 5/8/2019 How "The Landscape of Capitalism" by Robert Sayre relates to today's Iowa farming.
Fun With Math https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/05/fun-math 5/2/2019 Observations on Cedar River nitrate data
It's Good to be Orange https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/04/its-good-be-orange 4/29/2019 Monarch butterfly, pallid sturgeon, the Missouri River and Iowa agriculture.
From Golf to Gulf? https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/04/golf-gulf 4/25/2019 Do golf courses contribute to low-oxygen water conditions and do they degrade local water quality?
Sisu https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/04/sisu 4/18/2019 From Charles Trowbridge to Sulo Wiitala to Matt Liebman to Bill Stowe.
Stop Saying We All Want Clean Water https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/04/stop-saying-we-all-want-clean-water 4/14/2019 Observations on the lip service given to Iowa water quality
Trainloads https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/04/trainloads 4/12/2019 Iowa stream nitrate load in perspective
Hello Darling https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/04 4/9/2019 Impairment of Lake Darling
Drunk Dad https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/04/drunk-dad 4/4/2019 Hydrologic changes in the Missouri River
INPL https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/03/inpl 3/31/2019 Sparsity of public land in Iowa
The Natural https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/03/natural 3/28/2019 Stream straightening and phosphorus loss
Ransom: the Sequel https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/03/ransom-sequel 3/25/2019 Who benefits from ag policy
Ransom  https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/03/ransom 3/18/2019 Who benefits from ag policy
Iowa's Real Population https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/03/iowas-real-population 3/14/2019 Livestock waste converted to human equivalents
Follow the Water https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/03/follow-water 3/6/2019 Could enhanced crop yields outweigh the loss of N through tile
By the Numbers https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/02/numbers 2/28/2019 Conservation practices needed just to account for new tile installation
Surplus https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/02/surplus 2/20/2019 Amount of excess nitrogen applied to Iowa crops
This is What Happened https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2019/02/what-happened 2/12/2019 History of Iowa agriculture in the context of nitrogen pollution
Billions and Billions https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2017/11/billions-and-billions 11/16/2017 How significant is a billion?
Economics of Reducing Nitrate Loss https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2017/05/economics-reducing-nitrate-loss 5/26/2017 Costs of reducing nitrate pollution
#Nitrate is trending https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2017/05/nitrate-trending 5/10/2017 Nitrate trends in Iowa streams
Nutrients and Ecological Function in Iowa https://cjones.iihr.uiowa.edu/blog/2016/06/nutrients-and-natural-ecological-function-iowa 6/28/2016 Restoring natural ecological function to process nutrients