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mississippi river

God Made Me Do It

Discussion of the moral issues related to Iowa water pollution.
Kent Park

Mea Culpa--Nitrate event that wasn't

Retraction of data related to Upper Iowa nitrate episode.
mississippi river


Ag propaganda and claims of improvements in nutrient loss are examined.

Truth or Consequences

This post evaluates and ranks overall water quality for 44 Iowa streams.

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# 1

Iowa has the largest network of water-quality sensors in the U.S.


Nitrate sensors deployed in the network, with results displayed on IWQIS


Sensors measuring temperature, pH, SC, DO, and turbidity

Iowa Water-Quality Information System (IWQIS)

IWQIS allows users to access real-time water-quality data and information, such as nitrate, pH, and dissolved oxygen concentrations, discharge rates, and temperature.