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mississippi river

God Made Me Do It

Discussion of the moral issues related to Iowa water pollution.
Kent Park

Mea Culpa--Nitrate event that wasn't

Retraction of data related to Upper Iowa nitrate episode.
mississippi river


Ag propaganda and claims of improvements in nutrient loss are examined.

Truth or Consequences

This post evaluates and ranks overall water quality for 44 Iowa streams.

Photo of Ring Lardner

Means, Ends, and Granfalloons

Essay discussing pushback from a member of the Iowa legislature, and agriculture's objectives and strategies for water quality in Iowa.
Photo of Svante Arrhenius

Crap and Trade

What will Iowa's new carbon task force do? And what about the Growing Climate Solutions Act, recently passed by the U.S. Senate? It's high time to clarify what these programs do and why it is not appropriate to call them markets.
Photos of Oppenheimer and Teller

The Swine and the Swill

Decades ago, physicist Edward Teller made some predictions with startling relevance to today's events.
discharge on Des Moines river

Des Moines River Discharge Anomaly

Des Moines River flow exceeded that of the Mississippi River on this day.

Take this Stream and Shove It

Blog entry on the Iowa Supreme Court decision dismissing water-quality concerns in the Raccoon River.
Raccoon River. Photo by Christine Warner (Flickr Creative Commons)

Raccoon River Discharge: 2021 vs. Other Drought Years

Drought has hit Iowa hard in 2021. How does this dry spell compare to legendary droughts in 1934 and 1956?