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Comment on Des Moines Register editorial to use budget surplus money on water quality.
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Iowa 2021: The Year in Review

2021 highlights for Iowa Agriculture and Environment
Maginot line

The Maginot Line

Should the public fund Soil Health?
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C is for Carbonalism

Carbon capture schemes for agriculture are discussed.
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The Three Drakes

Meme of the entertainer Drake, and speech at Drake University, are discussed to illustrate the sensitivities of Iowa agriculture
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Remarks to SOILs Meeting at Drake Law School

Remarks to the Drake University Law School SOILs conference, November 17, 2021.
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Call me Crazy

lowa farmland prices and rentend land in the context of degraded water quality

On Popcorn Farts and Porcupine Pee

discussion of post drought river nitrate
turkey river paddlers

Rancid Turkey

Summary of anhydrous ammonia release into Turkey River
mississippi river

God Made Me Do It

Discussion of the moral issues related to Iowa water pollution.