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No bushel left behind

Claims about Iowa stream phosphorus and new paper in Journal of Am. Water Resources Assoc.
shark jumping

Jumping the Shark

Demonstration corn and soybean plots in Des Moines Water Works Park.
Desoto with blue boat

Look at the price they make you pay

Lake restoration and the renewable fuel standard.

Magic Carpet Ride

Carbon pipeline and carbon capture from corn ethanol production relative to US greenhouse gas emissions.
corn pthallus

The Iowa Singularity

myth stories and ethanol
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Agribusiness Hates CRP

CRP, Ukraine, ethanol, water quality, and ag dishonesty
brave new world

Brave New Iowa

Propaganda, ethanol, and climate change.
mississippi river

Unrest in Ethanolia

Recent published paper on the fuel ethanol casts doubt on its benefits for the environment.
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Climate Change Mitigation, Iowa Version

Conventional model of Iowa Climate Change mitigation
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Iowa is Addicted to Cornography

Corn ethanol versus solar