Articles from March 2019

A map of Iowa with public land areas bordering Iowa listed


Sparsity of public land in Iowa
An illustration detailing the stages of stream development

The Natural

Stream straightening and phosphorus loss.
1973 corn planter

Ransom: the Sequel

A response to the previous Ransom essay.
The great lakes are drawn on a yellow background with Lake Erie highlighted


Who IS getting the outcomes that they want from our policies, and in particular, the old school policies targeting improved water quality?
Hogs in a confinement feeding building

Iowa’s Real Population

Everybody knows Iowa has a lot of livestock. Managing the waste from these animals is possibly our state’s most challenging environmental problem.
Map of Iowa with landform regions drawn on in different colors

Follow the Water

Would enhanced crop yields (and therefore removal of nitrogen in the crop) outweigh the loss of N through the tile and out to the stream?