Articles from April 2019

A fish with a weird nose

It's Good to be Orange

.Monarch butterfly, pallid sturgeon, the Missouri River and Iowa agriculture.
A flag in the hole of a golf course

From Golf to Gulf?

Do golf courses contribute to low-oxygen water conditions and do they degrade local water quality?
Portrait of Sulo, black and white


From Charles Trowbridge to Sulo Wiitala to Matt Liebman to Bill Stowe.
A hillside field is dark with manure while the rest of the landscape is snow covered

Stop Saying We All Want Clean Water

We frequently hear Iowans say, "We all want clean water." But do we? Actions say, "Maybe not enough to do something about it."
A railroad tanker car


Iowa stream nitrate load in perspective
Conway- image of a man on a blue background

Hello Darling

Impairment of Lake Darling.
Secretary of the Interior Julius Krug signs the Pick-Sloan Act as tribal leader George Gillette sobs in grief.

Drunk Dad

Hydrologic changes in the Missouri River.